FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Cats must have a Current Vaccination. They must be protected against feline enteritis, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus to stay in the main cattery. If their vaccination needs to be updated this must be completed at least 10 days before arrival. Please bring in your cats ‘pet’ passport or vaccination paperwork.
  • If you cat does not have a current vaccination or you choose not to vaccinate your cat, please contact us for options as we do have quarantine accommodation (The Cabin).
  • We use the Royal Canin range of dry food. We have a selection of wet foods(Pouches,Fresh Meat and tinned Tuna).  Grain-Free dry food is available, if required. Just ask! If your cat is on a prescription diet you will need to supply this yourself. We don’t discount if you supply your cat’s own food.
  • Yes we are able to administer medication (including insulin injections). Please bring medication in it’s original packaging with the cat’s name on the label. We don’t charge for this service. 
  • If your cat needs Vet care we will try and contact your own Vet in the first instance. Otherwise we will take your cat to one of the Vets closest to the Cattery. There is no charge for transport but you are responsible for any Veterinary fees.

We pride ourselves on being around the cats most of the day. If they prefer to be solitary, we give them space to be private. We talk to the cats all day as we work in the Cattery and they are given lots of attention. All our guest interaction is positive and reassuring. At peak holiday periods we bring on extra trained staff to provide the attention our guests deserve! 

Yes, we welcome inspections. We do prefer afternoons for viewing due to the daily cleaning and feeding routine in the morning.

No, we don’t!
We have a few valid reasons for not having a communal area.
Cats are territorial they generally don’t like mixing with other cats (read cats fights-vet bills and lots of stress on your pet!).
Mixing cats is a good way to spread disease we don’t want this! No Nope!
We can’t keep an eye on your cats eating and drinking habits if they are mixing in a Communal area.
We can’t keep a communal area clean and sanitised to the standard our customer’s demand.
Mixing customers cats leads to mix-up’s (some cats look similar) you want the correct cat going home with you? – no joke this has happened at other NZ catteries.
Our guests are happy and safe in their own units!
Communal areas = No

For their health and well-being, cats’ are not able to mix with other cats and remain within their own accommodation throughout their stay. Some rooms are more private, ideal for cats who don’t like seeing other guests. Ask us for a room to suit your cat.

If your cat welcomes a brush, we will brush your cat. We do not groom cats, but can arrange a visit from the Mobile Vet Nurse, at an additional cost.

We live on site and keep a regular check on the Cattery after hours.

We have had guests staying for up to a year with us. So we are used to having cats staying for a long time. At Riverside Cattery we have generous sized units and can move your pet to other rooms during their stay to give them a change of view and provide them some new stimulation. Our feline guests get into the cattery routine and are happy on their extended holiday!
So, if you are waiting for your house to be built or going on a long overseas trip Riverside Cattery can help!

Discount is available for long-term stays. Please contact us to discuss.

You are welcome to visit your cat/s while they are here. Afternoons are a good time due to the cleaning routine.

Yes we can pickup/drop-off your precious pets from Christchurch Airport (or any residence in the greater Christchurch area). Pricing starts from $15 one way. We are happy to work with any of the Pet Shipping Organisations. Please contact us to discuss.

We are an easy 15min drive north from Christchurch International Airport (via State Hwy 1 and Main North Rd)

You are welcome to bring anything that makes your cat’s stay more comfortable. While we make the rooms very cosy, you are welcome to bring favourite blankets/beds/toys.

We accept Cash, EFTPOS, Direct Credit payments. Paywave/Visa/Mastercard/Union Pay payments also accepted with a small surcharge. 

Member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA)

Established in 1979, the Pet Industry Association remains the ONLY trade-only Association within Australia, dedicated to the protection of the pet industry, and promoting responsible pet ownership. Pet Industry Association members have a National Code of Practice that was produced by members for the sole purpose of “self regulation” at the highest workable level. This Code has been very well accepted by Government and its standards exceed our regulators’ requirements. PIAA also has sector specific Standards & Guidelines.

We feed our Guests Royal Canin Dry food.

Since 1968 Royal Canin has worked to make nutrition cats and dogs first medicine. It is our way of making a better world for pets. Health is our obsession... We focus our attention on the unique needs of cats and dogs. That obsession with detail is what makes it possible for us to deliver precise, effective nutrition, and help them become their magnificent best.

Cats Protection League Canterbury Supporter.

We provide extra accommodation at no charge when the Cats Protection League are full and unable to take in any more cats... Established in 1971 and incorporated in 1973, the League is a registered charity dedicated to relieving pain and suffering in cats and kittens in Canterbury, New Zealand. We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home and help where we can.

Our website is hosted by WPhost, a SPCA supporter.

WPhost is an CloudFlare Certified Partner. We support the SPCA by donating 5% of our profits to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. And, we’re proud to say that we’re 100% New Zealand owned.