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Riverside Cattery in Christchurch is Your Cat’s Home Away from Home

At Riverside Cattery in Christchurch, we love cats. Our luxury boarding rooms show the extremes we go to in keeping your beloved feline happy and healthy while you are on holiday. With ten room options, convenient online booking and glowing testimonials, you and your kitty can relax and enjoy your time away from home.

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Boarding Cattery

Boarding your cat has the potential to be emotionally taxing for you and your furry friend. Taking a little time to prepare will make the process go smoother for both of you and ensure you each get the most from your holiday.

  • Practice Run: An excellent way to make sure your beloved pet has the best possible experience at a boarding cattery in Christchurch is to bring him in for a short stay a few weeks preceding a more extended stay. By returning after a short time and giving extra love and treats after the first run, your buddy will be more secure the next time around.
  • Home Away from Home: Bring your cat’s food bowl, favourite food (the good stuff, not just crunchy kibble), and a bed and blanket from home. By keeping him surrounded with the feeling, smell and taste of home, he will be able to quickly relax and enjoy his vacation, and you can have peace of mind on yours.
  • Address Medical Needs: Bring all relevant medications along with detailed instructions and your vet’s contact info. In the rare case, an issue arises, we will make sure your furry friend has the best possible care during his stay at our cattery.

What You Can Expect from Our Luxury Cattery in Christchurch

In short, you can expect the best in cat boarding. We pull out all the stops to create a lovely getaway for all our feline visitors.

  • Luxury: Our cattery isn’t just a place to drop off your cat while you are away. We are a luxury cattery in Christchurch that goes the distance to pamper your friend with the good things in a cat’s life: plenty of natural light, a clean well-ventilated space, furniture for climbing and playing as well as cosy places to lounge and nap in the sun.
  • Loving Care: We really love cats. We make every effort to ensure they feel safe, comfortable and happy during their stay with us. If there is a particular need, we will gladly work with you. Share with us your cat’s temperament, special behaviours and preferences, so we know what to expect and how to accommodate accordingly.
  • The Right Fit: We have ten sunny, spacious rooms to meet each cat’s needs. From high climbing towers for young active kitties to a more “grounded” space appropriate for older cats, we will tailor each stay to your cat’s individual needs. We even have a separate isolation room to serve unvaccinated cats if needed.

Why Choose Riverside Cattery?

We don’t hold back when it comes to caring for cats while their family is away. When you schedule your feline’s stay here, you invest in your cat’s happiness and your peace of mind. That is not always the case with more pared down pet boarding houses. Stop in or give us a call to see for yourself the difference a luxury cattery offers you and your cat.

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