Cattery Airport Pickup Christchurch

Cattery Airport Pickup in Christchurch for Transport and Boarding Cats

A cattery airport pickup in Christchurch is convenient when moving to New Zealand. Cat quarantine lasts for at least ten days if coming from an approved country, after that, we offer accommodation in our facility or Cat Hotel as it is fondly referred to, in the event you’re not ready to receive your pet at home.

Benefits of Cattery Quarantine Pick Up in Christchurch

All cats entering the country face a quarantine period at an approved facility, one of which is near Riverside cattery.

  • Pet unabandoned: Sometimes pets are released from quarantine before the owner has found a home. Until you are ready to welcome your furry friend home, we can collect them from the airport, board and care of them.
  • Home away from home: While with us, our bonding approach ensures that we can meet your cats’ needs and notice early signs of discomfort, with a nearby vet on call 24/7, to which all cats have access when required. Riverside cattery for the unvaccinated cat in Christchurch, safely caters for these unvaccinated cats in a building away from the cat hotel.
  • Special needs: Taking care of your feline children as lovingly as you would, by tending to their special dietary requirements and administration of medication. Nurturing cats at this level ensures less stress-related problems for you to contend with once you are all home together.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Cattery Airport Pickup in Christchurch

Importing animals is somewhat stressful and costly. Prepare yourself by acquiring all relevant information and ensuring your compliance with the ruling regulations.

  • Registered pet transporter: Using a registered pet transporter ensures the process is more controlled and has fewer nasty surprises, which is beneficial to your cat by diminishing stressful situations.
  • Flight times: When booking flights, ensure your chosen flight arrives during business hours, as this will expedite their release from customs, enabling us to collect them shortly after landing.
  • Planning: Microchipping of animals is non-negotiable, as is the various required medical tests. Stringent conditions govern permit requests, apply well in advance as non-adherence to these processes can cause your cat to stay in quarantine for up to six months, as opposed to a possible ten days.

Why Choose Riverside Cattery?

People say grandparents love their grandchildren more than the parents do. At Riverside Cattery, we certainly do love all our feline guests. Providing a stress-free cattery quarantine pick up from Christchurch airport and then lavishing attention on our cat-guests while residents at our feline hotel is part of the exceptional services we deliver. As an approved AsureQuality® cattery, all our facilities and services meet the associations best practice, high standards.

Book your service with us today and ensure there is no delay in us transferring your cat from the airport to our love-filled suites, where we will love them until they depart to their new home with your family.

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