Cat Hotel Christchurch

Accommodation for Your Feline Friend at Our Cat Hotel in Christchurch

For almost three decades, Riverside Cattery has been offering a high level of care services for your feline children. Each cat is unique, and we cater to their needs in the cattery where they have space to move around, play or relax.

Tips Regarding a Cat Hotel in Christchurch

Families no longer consist only of humans; pets form integral parts of family life. Understanding this enables us to provide a true home from home for your cats.

  • Suites: On arrival, it is noticeable how clean and odourless the cattery is. Ventilated suites offer an abundance of natural sunlight. Bonding with your cat enables us to understand its personality and recommend the perfect suite for the boisterous to play in, or a calmer less active suite for the older, lazy cat. Often, families have multiple cats, our cat hotel in Christchurch, offers family suites too, and cats who live together should stay together.
  • Approved cattery: Being an approved AsureQuality® cattery attests to the fact that our standards have met with their rigorous criteria, which ensures peace of mind that your cat’s holiday home is a healthy cat-friendly environment.
  • Personal Attention: Addressing our feline guests by name is important to us, and our team prides itself on bonding with the cats individually. They cuddle the cats that love cuddles, play with the energetic ones and respectfully leave Grumpy alone if he wants space. This bonding approach, at our Christchurch cat accommodation facility, enables us to immediately notice changes in your cat’s behaviour which may indicate that there is a medical problem which necessitates the services of our excellent 24/7 vet.

Common mistakes people make regarding Christchurch Cat Accommodation

Often, when one starts on the journey to select a cattery, people are fooled by human personality. Insincere smiles and friendly voices often mislead people; ensure that you look deeper at all the important aspects.

  • Terms and conditions: The terms and conditions of a cattery shed light on how serious they are about your cat’s wellbeing. Ensuring our guests’ protection against feline enteritis, rhinotracheitis and calicivirus are vital to us. Consequently, vaccinations are to be current with the latest vaccinations completed at least ten days before arrival.
  • References: Our cat owners love bringing their cats to us and tell others about it.
  • Scheduled appointments: It is simple to fool someone on a planned visit, please drop in on us unannounced, this will ensure that you see the cattery as a running business and not a staged set.

Think how thorough one would be in selecting a place for your child to stay while you’re away; your feline friend deserves no less. Riverside Cattery, a cat hotel in Christchurch, offers a secure place where your cat can live, enjoy lots of attention, and patiently wait to return home.

Why Choose Riverside Cattery

Riverside Cattery, a Christchurch cat accommodation facility, ensures your cat remains unstressed and calm. This environment alleviates re-adjustment problems once back home and makes the transition process a pleasant one.

Book well in advance to secure a suite for your cat in time for your next trip.

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