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Turn to Riverside Cattery for Cat Care in Christchurch

A trusted cat care facility in Christchurch provides every cat owner with the peace of mind to know that their cats are taken care of if you have to go out of town. Our team of caring professionals provides your cat with a comfortable environment.

Tip Regarding Cat Boarding

If you are considering our cat boarding services, make sure to keep this advice in mind:

  • Call us to lock in dates: As soon as you know when you need our cat boarding services, reach out to us so that we can ensure that the unit that you want is available. Keep in mind that we have over ten rooms to choose from and even if your first choice is not available, we are happy to discuss other options.
  • Bring toys that your animal enjoys: Does your furry friend have a special ball or mouse that they play with every day? Although our units are filled with fun items for your cat to play with, make sure to bring it with you to ensure your cat feels more comfortable in their home away from home.
  • Confirm that vaccinations are up-to-date: To ensure that every cat at our boarding company is protected from serious diseases such as feline enteritis and calicivirus, we need confirmation that your cat received their immunisations within the last 12 months. Also, your cat must be current on their worming and flea control treatments.
Problems Riverside Cattery Addresses

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind of knowing that your cat is in excellent hands when they are at our lodging in Christchurch. We strive to avoid the following concerns:

  • Inadequate human interaction: We understand that cats can become lonely if they go without human contact for too long. Our team of cat lovers pops in to see your cat multiple times a day to ensure that they are happy and healthy while giving them all the essentials of food, water, and clean litter.
  • Limited space: Regardless of which room you choose, you can rest assured that your cat will have plenty of room to run, stretch and play. Ask a member of our staff about the different features of each unit to see which one suits your cat’s unique personality.
  • Lack of access to a vet: You never need to worry about your pet’s treatment in the event of an accident or emergency. Our vet is available any time during the day or night and your cat will get immediate care for any ailment.

Our goal is to provide you with the confidence to know that your cat is in excellent hands during the time you are gone.

About Riverside Cattery

With nearly 30 years of experience at lodging cats in Christchurch, our team of professionals is committed to ensuring that your cat’s stay is stress-free. We take the time to learn your cat’s behaviours and preferences to provide them with the individual attention they need.

For more information, please click over to our contact page.

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