Luxury Cat Accommodation

Give your cat the space to act naturally with luxury accommodation units for individual cats (or cats from the same family).  

As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice how clean the cattery is, with none of the usual odour associated with catteries.  All the units are well ventilated and let in lots of natural sunlight - perfect for your cat to stretch out and nap in during the day.

As we get to know your cat we will recommend what space your cats needs - if your cat’s getting older and can’t jump as high we’ll make sure it’s in a unit that suits.  And if you’ve got boisterous young cats, we’ll make sure there’s plenty to keep them occupied!

All boarding fees are charged at the full daily rate starting on the day of arrival and everyday thereafter including day of departure. We have a minimum charge of 2 days. For all stays between 10 December to 20 January the minimum charge is 7 days and a deposit will be required to secure your booking. No discounts apply during this period. 

Choose the space that’s right for your cat

Senior Room 1Senior Room-654

Senior Units 

  • Cosy Indoor Unit
  • Suited to the elderly or less mobile cat
  • We can set up with stairs for easy access
  • 24 hour heating
  • Single or double Unit available
1 Cat: $16.00
2 Cats: $26.00

West Wing 1-496West Wing 2-722

West-Wing Luxury Units

  • With west facing outdoor courtyard to catch the evening sunset and watch the local bird life.
  • Indoor space with room for your Cat to sleep and relax.
  • Ideally suited for cats that don't like seeing other cats.
  • Panel Heater in every unit and indoor areas are air conditioned.
  • Family sized unit available
1 Cat: $16.00
2 Cats: $26.00

Garden View 1-794Garden View 2-280

Garden-View Luxury Units

  • Front court yard with views across lawn and water feature.
  • Rear sleeping area with warm bedding and panel heater.
  • Your cats get to enjoy a sunny and relaxing environment.
  • Adjoining and family sized units are also available.
1 Cat: $17.00
2 Cats: $27.00


 Double Garden-View Luxury Units

  • Double the space
  • Two spacious sleeping areas and two courtyards to take advantage of the lovely views over the water feature and garden.
1 Cat: $21.00
2 Cats: $31.00
3 Cats: $39.00


Deluxe Suites

Truly spoil your cat with the Penthouse, Conservatory, Sun-Room or Cosy Corner Deluxe Suites. 

These suites have been specifically designed to offer your cat a homely space featuring  lounge suites, arm chairs, multi level climbing frames, larges areas to play, explore and relax. 


The Penthouse - For cats who like to relax

  • Open plan living area  with plenty of space for play
  • Large sunny north facing window
  • Features a chaise lounger to relax in
1 Cats: $26.00 2 Cats: $36.00 3 Cats: $44.00 4 Cats: $50.00


The Conservatory - For cats who like all day sun

  • Two West-Wing units connected by a large sun room
  • Ideally suited for cats who are sharing, but need separate space to feed or sleep
  • Large north facing sunny window
1 Cats: $26.00 2 Cats: $36.00 3 Cats: $44.00 4 Cats: $50.00

Sun Room-376

The Sun Room - For cats who like to relax

  • West facing window that catches afternoon and evening sun
  • Large open area
  • Huge climbing frame
1 Cats: $26.00 2 Cats: $36.00 3 Cats: $44.00 4 Cats: $50.00

Cosy Corner-541

Cosy Corner - For cats who like to chill

  • Large lounge with cosy arm chairs
  • Two separate sleeping areas
  • Quiet relaxed area with farm yard views
1 Cats: $24.00 2 Cats: $34.00 3 Cats: $42.00 4 Cats: $46.00


Platinum Suite

When only the biggest and best will do!


The Jungle Room - For the adventurous cat

  • Features several climbing frames and viewing decks to jump and play on
  • Sunny outdoor play area
  • Heat pump to keep cats cozy in the winter and cool in summer
1 Cats: $32.00 2 Cats: $42.00 3 Cats: $50.00 4 Cats: $55.00

The Cabin(Isolation Units)

The Cabin(Isolation Unit)

  • Dedicated building separated from the main cattery
  • Suitable for unvaccinated cats
  • Single or double Unit's available
1 Cat: $16.00
2 Cats: $26.00

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